DepositFix – Payment Solution for HubSpot

Accept payments using your HubSpot forms and run marketing campaigns based on purchases.

  • Accept payments directly from your website (PayPal or Credit Cards via Stripe)
  • Manage discounts
  • Run HubSpot workflows and campaigns based on payment events
  • Automate Upsells, Payment notifications, abandoned cart alerts

Smart Forms for HubSpot

Smart Forms for HubSpot can help you increase signup conversion by 17%.

You probably know, that popup forms are very effective in terms of converting your visitors to subscribers, but at the same time they can be very annoying to users that can lead to a high bounce rate.

Smart Forms provides a compromise of effective and user friendly way to increase forms conversion rate.


  • HubSpot native.
  • Built specifically for HubSpot, you can use like any other module.
  • Mobile ready
  • Slide in form, doesn’t block content
  • Timed based appearance
  • If a user closes the form – it wouldn’t show up for the next 24 hours.
  • If a user submitted the form, the popup for this specific form will never be shown again.
  • Scroll-Based (in development)
  • Exit-Intent (in development)

Email Checker

Sending emails to non-existent addresses causes big bounce rate, as a result your emails will go to spam more often.

Upload a contact list in csv with a column email, the email checker will verify all emails that exist and send you back a file with only valid records.

HubSpot API Java Client

HubSpot API Java Client

Open Source library to work with HubSpot API written in Java.

Currently implemented

  • Contacts
  • Lists
  • Engagements

Maven Installation