Use Cases

Integration Agent specializes in API and web development for HubSpot, Salesforce, Freshdesk.

HubSpot API

Open Source Java Library for HubSpot API

We’ve opened a source code for our internal library, that we developed for HubSpot API. It’s used by other developers for HubSpot integrations.

DepositFix – Payment Solution for HubSpot

Our own app for HubSpot.

DepositFix allows to accept payments using your HubSpot forms and run marketing campaigns based on purchases.

  • Accept payments directly from your website (PayPal or Credit Cards via Stripe)
  • Manage discounts
  • Run HubSpot workflows and campaigns based on payment events
  • Automate Upsells, Payment notifications, abandoned cart alerts

Data Migration from Access DB to HubSpot

Extracted, transformed and uploaded contact data along with financial history to HubSpot.

Data merging and migration from 3 different CRMs to HubSpot

Merging of a complex data structure with multiple conflicting data points. Developed a rule/priority based merging system and exported 10,000 contacts to HubSpot.

HubSpot – PayPal

Custom HubSpot event registration module. Displays a list of upcoming events and accepts payments via PayPal.

HubSpot CRM - Webinar Registration

A system, that creates deals and moves through the pipeline depending on registration progress.

HubSpot – Pardot bi-directional sync

It’s a recursive contact sync. The main problem here was to prevent possible collisions (when contact updated from the both systems in relatively the same time).

Nanacast (payment system) – HubSpot

This integration allows to add new subscribers from Nanacast to HubSpot and to see what exactly people buy and what campaigns work the best in terms of revenue.

HubSpot – WebinarJam

Custom landing page with a form to signup clients to specific webinars and assign to HubSpot lists.

HubSpot – Shopify

Update contact in HubSpot after purchase on Shopify store and assign to product related list.

HubSpot – Salesforce custom events

Send custom events generated by Apex classes to HubSpot for better segmenting.

HubSpot – Freshdesk

Extension for Freshdesk that displays context information about contact from HubSpot. Also, it’s possible to send some field updates back to HubSpot from the same widget.


Turbine Performance Calculation Engine

Complex application to calculate turbine parameters integrated with opportunities to help sales reps show potential turbine performance and close more deals. Google Chrome Extension

Invoice System for landlords

Developed a service to manage invoice and collect payments from tenants. Entirely based on Salesforce.


Upcoming Webinars

Added custom attribute (webinar expiration date) to webinar page, then on the list of webinars the webinars are sorted by expiration date and past webinars are automatically hidden.

Recorded Webinars

Multiple filters by product, feature, user experience. For new visitors the page shows signup form, converted visitors can watch any webinars right away. Custom share buttons.

Form with autocomplete

Form, that provides autocomplete functionality for company field. On each typed key it sends request to Salesforce controller to return a list of accounts starting with keys typed.

Timed slide-in form

  • Displayed at the right-bottom corner and doesn’t block content
  • If a user closes the form – it wouldn’t show up for the next 24 hours.
  • If a user submitted the form, the popup for this specific form will never be shown again.


We contracted Integration Agent to help with a few Selective Sync campaigns between Salesforce and HubSpot.

Denis was able to provide quick turn arounds, troubleshooting, and explanations for what was being done and any problems that may arise in advance.

He made it easy to avoid major problems and was very professional and easy to work with throughout the implementation.

Karri Scott / Sr. Digital Strategist, Runner Agency

We worked with Denis from Integration Agent in order to improve our customer support portal hosted on Freshdesk. Denis was quick to understand what we wanted to do and executed it in a timely manner.

Denis reacted quickly and efficiently when we requested changes. The communication with Denis was very easy, no need for pages long specification.

Highly recommended!

Marc Journeux / President, Aitac

Denis with Integration Agent developed a Performance Calculator tool for our microturbine electric generator products.

Denis was very professional and communicated clearly with us to finalize requirements and work through complex engineering calculations together.

The Performance Calculator tool has made our distributors more independent, and has helped our distributors close more sales over the past year.

Thanks Integration Agent for the excellent work!

Michael Hamilton / Applications Engineer, Capstone Turbine Corporation

Denis of Integration Agent provided a cost-effective way for us to move data from a difficult-to-export system into HubSpot. We required a number of sample imports and testing of the data migration along the way. Denis was patient and thorough.

Anne Lehan / Marketing Director at, LLC

Working with Denis of Integration Agent was extremely refreshing. Excellent communicator and goes beyond an expectation we had. Extremely happy with our results and the new relationship.

September Dohrmann / Marketing Director at, LLC

Denis developed an elegant, clean and user-friendly solution in HubSpot for an event registration module that not only integrates with HubSpot forms, but also with PayPal for payment. He was a delight to work with, responding quickly to feedback and ready with clear instructions.

I highly recommend Denis with Integration Agent, and look forward to working with him again.

Christine B. Whittemore / Chief Simplifier at Simple Marketing Now LLC

Denis helped us create a workflow between Salesforce and HubSpot that wasn’t present in the standard integration that exists between the two platforms.

Without too much explanation he easily understood what we were trying to accomplish, and was able to execute the project on time.

I really liked that he seems to be up to speed on a lot of the newer functionality within Salesforce and was able to utilize some of these new tools (Process Builder) to reduce the number of hours needed. I would definitely recommend Denis with Integration Agent for any integration projects you might need some custom development on.

Trent Boorman / Systems Analyst at SASB

We’ve been fortunate finding Denis with Integration Agent and having us do HubSpot integration for us. His work has been key to getting a range of features and capabilities in place on our website. In addition, his expert counsel and quick work has been a Godsend.

Kevin Shayne / Director of Marketing at CADD Edge

Denis from Integration Agent was a great find! He had the skills to handle our Hubspot to Freshdesk integration out of the box so there was no cost for him to learn about either platform. We met and discussed deliverables and they were done a week later. When minor changes were requested he handled it quickly.

He was available to bounce ideas off of regarding other integrations which we proceeded with and had the same speedy results.

My team is very happy with how much more connected our platforms feel and how it allows them to be more productive. I whole heartedly recommend Denis and Integration Agent.

Laureen Jandroep / CEO of Certification Coaching

We hired Denis to support us to integrate Xero to our new CRM System. Denis did a fantastic job. We agreed on a time frame for the work to be completed. Denis completed before the deadline. He was very helpful through out the process.

I would highly recommend Denis with Integration Agent he is professional and reliable.

Lucy Doig / CEO at Sign Loop Interpreting Services

The work Integration Agent has done goes beyond what I hoped would be possible to accomplish! I’d recommend the company without hesitation.

Chad Lawie / CEO at Longer Days